With over 25 years experience in the landscaping industry, Ger offers an advisory service to those who require assistance in making improvements to their outdoor living space. By promoting low maintenance landscaping and sourcing local plants and materials, Garden Solutions Taranaki encourages good environmental stewardship.

Coming from an agricultural background in Ireland, Ger educated himself in Amenity Horticulture and Golf Course Management in the early 1990's then returned to university in 1997 to take on a Higher National Diploma in Golf Course Mangement in the U.K.

Ger left the Emerald Isle some 15 years ago and continued his career progressing in the greenkeeping industry in New Zealand by spending the first 3 years in the Bay Of Islands. From the "Winterless North" to the windswept Kapiti coast, Ger spent a further 3 years working on golf courses until finding "home" in Taranaki in 2008.

. The fertile soils and the temperate climate of Taranaki allows for great growing conditions which is key to anyone who has a garden. This along with a community who have proven to be self-reliant led Ger to diversify into an advisory role where he feels he can facilitate others in achieving more in their gardens. Combining his background in agriculture and landscaping, his knowledge and experience with the protection of the environment, Ger is offering a personalised garden solution advisory service with the intention of encouraging more people to get more from their gardens.